Practice Areas

The law office of Rue Heller specializes in several aspects of law including:

  • Business Law: It is always best to avoid disputes, although sometimes it simply cannot be avoided. And in such situations when you go to litigation, the only thing you should be interested in is a win. This is where Rue Heller comes in. With his over 30 years’ experience practicing in the field of business law, he is very well equipped to handle any business related legal issue you might be facing. So be sure to contact him to discuss what issue your business is facing, to see how he can help obtain a favorable resolution.
  • Startup Law: The area of startup is a relatively new area of law. It is perhaps arguably the fastest growing area of law. With a lot of new terms and terminology that no-one had ever even heard about as early as 15 years ago, the area of startup law is one that can be rather complex, specifically because of the use of so many terms that are confusing to the average person.Rue Heller has been on the startup scene from day one, haven successfully represented over 20 startup founders in the various discussions and deals they have been involved in.
  • Criminal Law: It is a fact that anybody can be charged with a crime at any time. Even more so a crime you my not have committed. What is worse is the fact that prosecuting attorneys are often known to go after criminal cases with such intensity that is only fueled by their desire to win, rather than a desire to find the real culprit in the criminal case.
    The best protection you can have against such prosecuting attorneys is to have a lawyer on your side who is well versed in handling such unethical practices of prosecuting attorneys. Rue Heller has handled over 50 criminal cases and has a 95% success rate.
  • Internet Law: Similar to startup law, the field of internet law is relatively new as well. At least in relation to other well established practice areas such as business, family, or criminal law. After all, the internet as we know it has only been around for about 45 years.If you need a seasoned lawyer to represent your interests with your internet related business, look no further than the offices of Rue Heller.
  • International Law: Perhaps one of the oldest areas of law, international trade has been happening between countries and their individuals going back thousands of years. The one constant that can be attributable to international trade is the fact that it is constantly evolving, and the way the world conducts trade in 2017, is very different from the way it happened in 1997, therefore rules have changed.Speak to attorney Rue Heller to see how he can help you in any issue you might be facing.
  • Family Law: Arguably one of the oldest areas of law, if not the oldest area of law. Given that the family is perhaps the oldest unit of our society as we know it, this means that there has perhaps been family related legal issues for as long as the family has existed, or for as long as the judicial system has existed.